Researchers are becoming worried about crops in the United States. Studies are showing that there has been a sharp decline of pollinating animals and insects such as bees, birds and bats over the last few years. This is terrible news for farmers who grow commercial crops as they count on these creatures to help their crops thrive. A strong example of this would be in California where honeybees pollinate 550,000 acres of almond trees. In order to do this, it takes 1.4 million colonies. Unfortunately there is not enough information yet to determine how bad the problem really is though.

Researchers want to form a proper study of the number of pollinating animals left in the country and determine what direction their numbers are. Unfortunately this is not an easy task because very few researchers study this field let alone specialize in it. The fear is real though. Referring to the issue, “Despite its apparent lack of marquee appeal, a decline in pollinator populations is one form of global change that actually has credible potential to alter the shape and structure of terrestrial ecosystems,” said entomologist May Berenbaum of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
Bees, other pollinators may be declining (Reuters)

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