There is a fascinating story doing the rounds. Retired Truck driver Teri Horton has devoted a huge proportion of her retirement time since 1987 to bargain hunting.

Sometimes in thrift and goodwill stores, sometimes apparently in dumpsters.

I am sure that in the past almost 20 years Teri Horton has found great treasures in her adventures dumpster diving around Los Angeles.

There is one item in her collection that has generated a great deal of interest. It is an oil painting that she purchased for $5.

The art world is undecided about this painting, some experts are claiming that it is a previously unknown work by Jackson Pollock.

If it is indeed a Jackson Pollock it could be worth many millions, some estimates go as high as $100 million. Unfortunately there seems to be such a division in the art world about this painting that it seems unlikely that a consensus will be reached any time soon.

To quote the slightly irreverent Thisislondon web sites headline “IS IT A FAKE OR COULD IT BE A LOAD OF OLD POLLOCKS”

Ms Horton is enjoying a good deal of media attention with her picture; she has made it to a number of Television shows including Jay Leno and David Letterman.

Another good version of the story from the New York Times is here.

Simon Barrett  

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