With President Bush’s popularity sinking to new lows every month, it isn’t necessarily surprising that some people would want the president impeached, but a new survey by the American Research Group (ARG) showed that Bush’s unpopularity, turned mistrust, has now turned into 45% of those asked viewing him as a criminal who deserves to be impeached. The ARG poll asked 1,100 people, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents first about the president’s decision to commute the sentence of “Scooter” Libby. Overall 31% approved, 64% disapproved and 5% were undecided. Among voters, the approval number was even lower, 26% approved, 69% disapproved, and 5% were undecided.

Only 13% of Democrats approved, 76% disapproved, and 11% were undecided on commuting Libby’s sentence. Republicans were split almost down the middle, 50% approved, 47% disapproved, and 3% were undecided. Among Independents, 19% approved, 80% disapproved, and 11% were undecided. Americans also strongly rejected a pardon for Libby. Eighty Four percent of all adults and voters disapprove of Libby being pardoned. Only 23% of Republicans, 7% of Democrats, and 2% of Independents supported a pardon for “Scooter.” Then the survey turned to the question of impeachment both for President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

The question that was asked was, “Do you favor or oppose the US House of Representatives beginning impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush?” Overall 45% were in favor of impeachment, 46% were opposed, and 9% were undecided. Among only voters, 46% were in favor, 44% were opposed, and 10% were undecided. 69% of Democrats and 50% of Independents supported impeaching the president, but only 13% of Republicans would favor such action. Vice President Cheney fared much worse than the president on this question, as 54% of all adults, and 50% of all voters favored impeaching Cheney. Seventy six percent of Democrats, 51% of Independents, and 17% of Republicans favored impeaching the VP. The interesting thing is that among Republicans and Democrats there were no undecided opinions on Cheney. He is a very polarizing figure.

We all know that with so little time left in their terms, Bush and Cheney will not be impeached, but this poll illustrates the weight around the necks of Republicans that the current administration has become. When you think about how far this administration has fallen since those heady post-9/11 pre-Iraq war days, it is astounding. The really amazing thing about their downfall is that they brought it all on themselves through a deadly combination of arrogance and incompetence. The invasion of Iraq serves as the embodiment of both traits in this administration, and although they won’t be impeached, for most Americans the end of George W. Bush’s term can’t come soon enough.

American Research Group poll 

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