When the democrats began campaigning, it was generally assumed that Hillary Clinton would gain a great deal of the female vote based solely on her gender. As the primaries heat up, it is becoming increasingly evident that Barack Obama is at least as appealing as Clinton when it comes to securing the female vote.

In early December, Oprah jumped on the campaign trail to back Obama. The double O spelled disaster for the Clinton campaign as her main demographic started to slip away. Obama is becoming more appealing to today’s female voter, a change that could win him the primary over Hillary Clinton.

So why is it that women voters are having second thoughts about a woman president? Hillary Clinton, it would seem, does not represent what women voters want to see in the White House. Many women plan to vote on the issues and do not wish to consider gender or race in their voting decisions. Others may have been turned after listening to Oprah’s compelling speech and endorsements as she throws her significant weight behind Obama.

Regardless of the reasons, it is becoming apparent that Obama is likely to sweep the primaries after his win in Iowa and favorable polls in New Hampshire, where the next primary is to be held.

DeusExMachina blogs at Breakable News

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