Democratic candidate Barack Obama and Republican Mike Huckabee cleaned up today at the Iowa caucuses, the first real bid for power on the campaign trail. The results came as a surprise for Clinton supporters as Edwards took the runner-up position and the Clinton campaign trailed in third.

Iowa is the first of the string of caucuses about to occur nation wide. Its importance is weighted due to the tremendous media coverage and publicity surrounding the event. Most of the primary candidates have been spending a great deal of time as well as money to secure their position there. The next caucus will take place in New Hampshire in five days. While Clinton has been favored there, Obama’s Iowa win could dramatically influence voters there.

Democratic candidates Christopher Dodd and Joseph Biden have both dropped out of the Presidential race after disappointing turnout in Iowa tonight. However, the democratic turnout was exceptional, counting a record 225,000 partisans compared to only 115,000 on the Republican side. The Iowa demographic is particularly low on young people when compared to the rest of the country so a large Democratic turnout bodes well for the party overall.

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