Since the beginning of this race, the democratic hopefuls, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been running an impossibly close race. Today, they will do battle over Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia in hopes of taking home the prize of the168 available delegates.

Obama hopes for a big win in tonight’s caucuses, which could mean overtaking his competition whom he only trails by 23 delegates. If Clinton does fail to secure a win tonight, it will mean 10 straight losses for the democratic front runner. Clinton is hoping to make a big comeback on March 4, when primaries will take place in Ohio and Texas.

Both candidates have already begun television advertising in Ohio and Texas including satellite interviews in which Clinton made a call for additional debates and begun addressing regional issues.

The candidates are both far short of the required 2,025 delegates needed to win the democratic ticket at the convention this summer. Before the caucuses to take place tonight, Obama trails Clinton with 1,124 delegates to her 1,147. In his effort to take the lead, Obama has spent vast amounts of money on television advertising for Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. The advertising scheme began over a week ago and it remains to be seen if the $1.4 million that he spent will be worth it.

When asked about the possibility of a shared ticket, Clinton stated that it was too soon to determine. In light of recent polls giving evidence that Obama is a more likely win over Republican hopeful McCain, it could be in the best interest of the Democrats as a whole if the two liberal powerhouses joined forces to take control of the white house.

Deus Ex Machina blogs at Breakable News

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