The more things change, the more things stay the same. Way back in 2012 an anonymous film maker released a rather biting 2 minute long political video on YouTube. It may be dated, but the message still rings true.

I talked with Mr. Anonymous today and the subject of the video cropped up. Yes it could be updated, some different peoples pictures used, and maybe a couple of graphics changed, but the message remains the same. We live in a PT Barnum world. When it comes to politics, this is indeed Big Top America!

Today there is not one PT Barnum, but several, one for each candidate. Some are doing better than others. At the very bottom of the list has to be Ben Carson’s PT, he couldn’t fill a two man tent never mind a Big Top.

At the other end of the scale we have some masters of ‘barking’ and illusion. Trump is at the very top, his bluster and bull shit puts the original PT to shame. Cruz is not far behind, but has one minor issue, the support within the DC insiders can be counted on the fingers of both hands that have been chopped off by ISIS. If he wins, he loses. A president does need some friends in Washington and Cruz has none.

The rest of the pack are just stuck in the middle. Not even Jeb’s mom and brother can help the guy. Rubio the ‘Tea Party” favorite, should stick to tea parties. Kaisinich, well he is likeable, but it takes more than a few hugs to become Prez.

On the other side of the aisle we have the delightful Hillary and Bernie show. If Hillary wins the democratic nod, GOP superpac’s will have a field got day. Hils knows where the bodies are buried. Unfortunately so do many others.

‘Weekend at Bernies’ is a nice guy, but can this guy do the job? For sure he has 8 gazilion years of experience in Washington, but what has he actually done? Ted Cruz at least has name recognition for reading Green Eggs And Ham and closing the government down for almost three weeks. In actual fact all he did was ‘Nothing’, he still got a paycheck, it was the flunky’s in the National Parks that took it up the ass and the tourist that found the park closed.

I find it hard to pick one candidate over the other.

Simon Barrett

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