This, my friends, is insanity.

Remember the story about the three little pigs? It taught us the merits of hard work, and showed us what terrible things could happen to those who cut corners. At the end of the 150-year old story, the big bad wolf lost, the good little piggies won and they were miraculously restored as a family to live happily ever after.

In England, some 250 elementary school aged seven to eleven (representing 63 different schools) are to perform in a musical festival at Huddersfield Town Hall in June. Organizers of the event, citing the “multi-cultural nature” of the students and their parents — and a desire to be “sensitive” to any Muslims involved — opted to change the characters from “three little pigs” to “three little puppies.”

Committee member Gill Goodswen, head teacher of one of the schools involved defended the move by saying “We have to be sensitive if we want to be multi-cultural. It was felt it would be more responsible not to use the three little pigs. We feared that some Muslim children wouldn’t sing along to the words about pigs. We didn’t want to take that risk. If changing a few words avoids offence then we will do so.”

She admitted, however, that the decision was not prompted by a complaint from any school, student or parent.

Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra from the Muslim Council of Britain branded the move ‘bizarre’ and said that “the vast majority of Muslims have no problem whatsoever with the Three Little Pigs. It’s always been the traditional way of telling the story and I don’t see why that should be changed. There’s an issue about the eating of pork, which is forbidden, but there is no prohibition about reading stories about pigs. This is an unnecessary step. How far are we going to go? Are we going to change the seven dwarves because it’s discriminatory towards people who are physically less able? Where do you draw the line? Every time we get these stories Muslims are seen more and more as misfits. We have to accept there’s a predominant culture here.”

Mohammed Imran, of the Hanfia Mosque and Educational Institute echoed Mogra, saying “According to the Koran it’s forbidden to eat pork or touch a pig, but there’s no ruling about talking about them or singing about them.”

Recently in England ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ was changed to ‘Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep’ and Christmas events are now called ‘winter’ festivities.

This is PC so extreme it’s called a meltdown, folks.

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