Politically correct speech, like so many societal trends, has reached an extreme level.

According to Wikipedia, politically correct speech began innocuously in the 1793 Supreme Court decision of Chisholm v Georgia regarding an inaccurate statement.

During World War I, Arnold Bennett, a British Ministry Officer, used the expression regarding appropriateness.

Since WW I, there has been a steady increase in this societal trend. PC Speak made hateful descriptive nicknames unacceptable. This was a beneficial change because it reduced the overt prejudice of minorities by reducing the use of hateful name calling. Wop, kike, chink, mick, and the like became unfashionable to use and, for the most part, forgotten or unheard of by the present generation. Curiously, it is a sign of brotherhood for blacks to call each other nigger, while verboten for white people.

Another wave of PC Speak was initiated during the Women’s Movement. It became unfashionable to use multi-syllable words that ended in man, primarily in the names of occupations. The reasoning was that it seemed exclusionary of women. So that postman became postal worker, Congressman became a member of Congress, doorman became door keeper, policemen are members of the police force, and so on. Further, because of the Women’s Movement, gender exclusive names were labeled inconsiderate. For example, waiters and waitresses were to be called servers, actors and actresses were actors, and a stewardess was a flight attendant. This pc vogue reached ridiculous levels when expecting words like manhole cover, mankind, man hours, and the like to change. 

PC Speak is a trivial nuisance that becomes dangerous when it influences conduct. Not being able to be candid; instead waffling and spinning are more acceptable and can lead to unforeseen consequences. Profiling is a byproduct of political correctness. Certainly, illegal profiling should be punished. Police work has become much more difficult because of the extension of profiling. Politically correct profiling becomes absurd when security can’t concentrate on Muslims in trying to prevent terrorist attacks.

The recent brutal slaughter of innocent soldiers, civilians, men, and women at Fort Hood could have been prevented if concern about being politically correct hadn’t interfered with good judgment. Major Nidal Malik Hasan raised sufficient suspicions throughout his career in the army to have been stopped. There were numerous reasons during his psychiatric training to fail him, yet his teachers and colleagues were afraid to do so because of the perception of profiling Muslims. Then, too, there were very few Muslims in the army especially in the psychiatric profession, so they disregarded not only the potential danger he posed but also the damage he could do to vulnerable patients. His speech at the conclusion of his psychiatric training, his repeated incompetence at Walter Reed Hospital, and his religious proselytizing were overlooked for fear of offending a Muslim. There are 13 individuals and their families that have suffered tragic losses because of the concern about political correctness. The wounded have suffered too, in this senseless attack. Hopefully, this mindless massacre will end American’s idealistic, unrealistic, impractical politically correct bent.

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Art Woodrow



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