As I write this, 1:13 am CST Wed Nov 8 (timestamping this for the benefit of Malibudude and Magnusdopus) … CNN is declaring that 2 states remain to be called in the Senate Race: Virginia and Montana. The numbers look to probably swing the Democrats way.
If those 2 go to Dems, they will control the Senate. They now control the House. They made significant inroads into the Gubernatorial (Governors).

Folks, we are no longer an All Out Republican Controlled Government. That’s MAJOR.
We will have a liberal Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) additionally the first woman Speaker of the House, I might add. However, it is important to note that the vast majority of Democratic victories tonight went to Moderate or even Conservative Dems. So don’t look for major liberal policies to be forth coming. More than likely there won’t be calls to raise taxes. In fact, with a less one sided control of the government, we are likely to see more attempt at bipartisanship as opposed to the arrogant heavy handedness we’ve seen of the Republican Control we’ve grown accustom to over the Republican Dynasty of the last 8 years.

The Two States yet to be decided (Virginia and Montana) again, look to be going to the Dems. That will be huge for them. Control of the Senate is Huge as Political Power goes. They decide the Committees (The Majority). They essentially control the purse strings. However, it won’t be overwhelmingly so as it was for the last 8 years because the margin will be only 1 seat! That narrow divide could even allow for Vice President Cheney casting deciding votes (shiver).

It’s not going to be Politics as Usual. Look for the Dems to flex their muscles soon. That will prove interesting. It ain’t the Status Quo anymore. Bush won’t be able to call the shots and count on the House and Senate to run roughshod in pushing the legislation through. The People have spoken and said enough damn corruption. It’s a fresh start. A fresh slate. Let the Corruption begin anew! Assuming the recounts hold up.

Read my lips Bush: It’s the War Stupid. And Corrupt Politicians. And Inept Administration (Katrina)

Zenny, Political Observer, 1:42 am CST, Nov 8, 2006, Wed



Great Political Map (requires free signup with NY Times Online I believe)

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