News Item:
House of Representatives
passes troop funding bill

A measure for emergency funding passed in the House yesterday by a 218 to 212 vote, but the voting was actually closer than that.  Intially, Democrats lacked enough votes on their own side of the aisle to get the bill approved.  Enter Pork Barrel Politics.  Back room deals were made, and votes were swung, to the tune of I’ll support the troops if I get what I want.

That’s right, funding of supplies and equipment for our troops wasn’t important enough for all concerned.  Even a definate date for withdrawal from Iraq didn’t carry enough weight.  When local goodies for home districts were thrown into the mix however, war related items like spinach and peanuts and shrimp, the votes magically appeared.

That’s your Congress in action folks, always with their eye on the ball, always maintaining a proper perspective.

Full Story: Los Angeles Times

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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