Democratic presidential candidate and former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel visits the Political Lunch studio for a discussion with hosts Will Coghlan and Rob Millis.  Gravel has made a name for himself in recent weeks with strong statements during the first primary debates.  As his online following grows, so does his confidence in the potential triumph of his underdog campaign.

From intelligence work in Europe during the Korean War to driving a New York City cab, Senator Gravel brought a broad range of experience to office when he represented Alaska.  By the time he left the U.S. Senate, Gravel had made quite a name for himself as an independent thinker and muckraker.  He now brings those qualities to the campaign trail and to this discussion.

Topics discussed include the “fair tax” plan, direct citizen involvement in legislation, and why he feels an underdog candidacy with a limited budget can beat the odds.
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