Words are the building blocks of communications. Effective communications requires a mastery at the usage of words, understanding their meanings and properly utilizing them to construct the intended message to be conveyed. The increasingly prominent appearance of political correctness as a restraint on the freedom of speech imposes not only restrictions on our linguistic freedom of expression but also diminishes Americans’ understanding of multiple levels of various hierarchies that exist in our society. This disease of political correctness began with eliminating terminology that implied an identity of gender realities (a mailman became a mail carrier, a stewardess became a flight attendant etc.,) and the struggle continued from that point onward. As a result, linguistic fear permeates our social interactions, our methodology of identifying restrooms and even the manner with which we address college professors and others that occupy positions of leadership and authority in our world. Recently, the news media reported that a Yale professor no longer wanted to be addressed as, “Master,” respectfully associated with his position at the educational institution. The reason given was because the term, “master,” implied a position associated with slavery or submission, especially with African-Americans in the United States. Well with all due respect to the oxymoron aspects of political correctness, such an excuse is frankly, “BULL!” Not everything revolves around the injustices of slavery as it was exercised in the United States! Not everything revolves around issues of race relations and the incessant desire some political interest groups constantly have to obsess with this over used, constantly mentioned and consistently maintained as the excuse for all issues that effect daily life in the United States. We need to bury political correctness and resurrect good manners and common sense as the watch words of American society in order to create the society our Founding Fathers envisioned, not a society that fears linguistic syntactical usage and multiple combinations of lexical niceties. The Leftist usage of Webster’s Dictionary is contributing not only to disharmony in our society but it is perpetually developing more excuses to expand the malformed notion of political correctness into a national obsession that is divisive and quite honestly very anti-American with its outrageous rhetoric. Donald Trump recently stated that he did not have the time for political correctness. What a brave statement. The continued pursuit of political correctness eclipses attention from the realities of inappropriate malfunctioning aspects of our society that are keeping Americans from solving our sociological, economic and political problems with linguistic obfuscation while avoiding solutions to what plagues America. While many in our Republic are convinced that political correctness is the key to solving the many issues that need correction, the entire notion of political correctness is eroding our freedom of speech and expression to such a degree that confusion abounds. College professors that are respectfully termed, “Masters,” are no longer happy with the designation of honor the ripple effect will most likely follow. Well, in an ordered society, titles of proper address such as Doctor, Sir, Professor, Officer or even Mister are realities of our American culture and life. I am certain the faculty member at Yale would not approve of the title, “Jackass!” as politically correct! So with personal certitude, I will not apply that title, but rather utilize a familiar form of address among the politically left and say, “Comrade, get a life!”

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