A Polish man was recently convicted of killing a businessman in a way that mirrored a murder in one of his books. Krystian Bala was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of Dariusz Janiszewski. The sentencing was due to the fact that there was no evidence to prove that Bala committed the murder himself or had help. What was established was the fact that he planned the murder and led in carrying it out, enraged over suspicions that Janiszewski had had an affair with the 34-year-old author’s wife.

          The murder took place in 2000. Janiszewski’s body was pulled from the Oder River in southwestern Poland on December 10th of that year, four weeks after he had gone missing. He was found wearing only a shirt and underwear. His hands were bound behind his back and tied to a noose around his neck, though he had not been tortured in any way. The case was dropped after going cold six months later with no suspect or motive.

     In 2005, however, a tip led investigators to Bala’s 2003 novel “Amok,” about a man who stabs a woman and binds her hands with a noose in the same position as Janiszewski. This caused investigators took look into Bala, though this detail was not mentioned in the case. They found that the phone card used to make calls to Janiszewski’s office the morning he disappeared were also made to Bala’s girlfriend and parents. Four days after he disappeared, Bala’s account on an internet auction site was used to sell his cell phone online. After an unsolved crime show broadcasted Janiszewski’s murder in 2003, the show’s website received hits on the case from Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, all countries that Bala was visiting on the dates of the hits on the site.

           Bala insists that he never met or talked to Janiszewski. Psychologists state that Bala has sadistic tendencies and a superiority complex. Bala has used the name of the narrator of his book online and the two share similar, though not the same, characteristics. His family and lawyer plans to appeal the case.

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