Giovanni Gonzalez was last seen on August 15 around 4 pm in the area of 2 Brightwood Terrace in Lynn, Ma. when his mother, Daisy Colon, dropped him off for visitation with his father, Ernesto Gonzalez, 36.

Giovanni, who is only 5 years old, was to spend the weekend with his father. When his mother came to pick him up on Sunday, no one answered the door so she notified police. When they arrived they entered in the home and found the father home alone claiming he had not seen the boy.

Ernesto Gonzalez has been arrested for child endangerment in connection with his son’s disappearance. He had pled not guilty and is being held on a $500,000 bond.

In their search of the father’s apartment they found a bloody mop and they noted blood on a bottle of pine cleaner. They sent both to the lab to be tested. They also noted a cut on the man’s finger which had a bandage on it but he refused to discuss how he got the cut with the police.

According to other things besides the mop and pine cleaner bottle the detectives seized were toys, two pairs of jeans, a knife from a drawer, a knife retrieved from the apartment kitchen floor and other items including swabs from the kitchen and bathroom sink knobs.

A Dell computer and a Nokia cell phone were taken. When asking for the warrant, Trooper Michael Murphy wrote, “I know that it is not unusual for individuals involved in homicides, child abuse, and child endangerment-related cases to memorialize their victims’ abuse and/or deaths through audio and or video media for later viewing, for guilt relief or for enjoyment as trophies.”

Test results came back today on the bloody map and pine cleaner bottle but investigators still remain optimistic that little Giovanni is still alive, they just don’t know where. Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said that he can’t technically talk about the results show because of the ongoing investigation.

The father has refused to cooperate with the authorities and won’t tell them what happened to his son.

The mother, Daisy Colon has made a plea to Ernesto’s family for information about her son’s whereabouts. Investigators have spawned their search all the way to Puerto Rico where Ernesto’s family is from.

Anyone knowing any information that could lead authorities to finding this little 5 year old child please notify the local police department. I pray he is found alive and well.

Jan Barrett

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