Two London police officers have been placed on probation and a formal letter of apology has been sent to a single mother of three after a rude and perverted message was left on her machine by accident. The two officers, PC Wayne Orton and Inspector Giles Allington, were making a routine call to the woman to follow up on her two year harassment complaint that she has been trying to settle when after they were done leaving the information they needed, they continued for several minutes leaving such comments as the woman loved group sex, was a “pain in the arse” and even had an unusual use for a shaved cactus. They were unaware that they had incorrectly hung up the phone and the machine was still recording what they were saying.

The woman, 28-year-old Laura Whibley, has been in regular contact with police to handle a long standing harassment case which has involved death threats and her car being gas bombed. “I’m disgusted. You put your trust in the police and you think they are trained to deal with these matters seriously. You don’t think for one minute that they’re going to join in with the people harassing you,” she said regarding the message. A formal apology was issued to her from Detective Chief Inspector Steve Kershaw but she still plans to file a complaint with Independent Police Complaints Commission.

“I don’t think the apology is sincere, I think they’re having quite a laugh about it and think it’s hilarious. They should be sacked; I’m devastated about what they’ve done to me.”

Police apologize over answer phone message (Local London)

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