Dallas, TX police found almost half a million dollars worth of cocaine hidden in an undercover police car while cleaning the vehicle’s interior on Wednesday. The nearly fifty pounds of cocaine were found in hydraulically-controlled compartments.

Deputy Chief Julian Bernal, Commander of the narcotics division, found the 2004 Infiniti during a raid at a drug house earlier this year.  The vehicle was seized and used as a transport for undercover narcotics officers in the Dallas area.

At the time of seizure, the Infiniti was searched, and Chief Bernal claimed that no drugs were located at that time. A 1999 Honda was also seized from the same drug house, and Dallas police plan to contact the Honda’s new owner in an effort to alert them of the possibility of hidden drugs inside the vehicle.

Hydraulic compartments are increasingly popular in the drug trade, according to Chief Bernal, who says that drug dealers often install these compartments as a method of hiding and transporting drugs.

Chief Bernal says that their next step is to locate the individual that stashed the cocaine in their undercover vehicle.

Related article courtesy of MSNBC.com and Dallasnews.com.

Nicolette Kuff is a freelance writer from Upstate NY.

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