Jenise Paulette WrightMy heart is breaking this afternoon as I write this. I just got a notice informing me that the police that were investigating the disappearance of little Jenise Paulette Wright, a child described as being a very open and friendly little girl, had found her body inside the mobile home park where her parents trusted her to be since it was fenced in, in East Bremerton, Washington.

You can go to my article on Bloggernews to read the whole story about Jenise’s disappearance.

Earl Smith of the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office said, “Today we have found what appears to be the remains of a child.” He went on to say the parents had been notified and that her remains were to be turned over to the Kitsap County Coroner’s Office where they will perform an autopsy to identify her body and to determine the cause of death. As of now though there have been no arrests made.

The FBI were involved in the investigation while searching for the child and Special Agent Frank Montoya Jr said that his team would conduct a “meticulous forensic examination” of the area where Jenise was found.

It has been reported that the parents of the little girl took lie detector tests from the FBI but the results of the tests have not been released. Unfortunately though according to court records, Jenise’s father had been charged with molesting two girls ages 8 and 15 over a decade ago.

The documents show that James Wright had been charged with first degree child molestation in February of 2000 involving the 8 year old child following a New Year’s Eve celebration. The girl apparently told a detective and a social worker that Wright had touched her inappropriately.

Then in June 2001 the charges on him were amended to include third degree child molestation after a 15 year old babysitter, that was babysitting the girl during that party in 2000, told authorities that Wright had touched her breasts and he had put his hands down her pants.

In December 2001, Wright plead guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge related to the older girl, but it wasn’t made clear why the molestation charges had been dropped. The judge in that case, in a Whatcom County Superior Court sentenced Wright to a year in jail, but he suspended the sentence of the whole jail time as long as he provided certain conditions which included paying fees.

Investigators that are working this case claim that none of the previous charges on James Wright have anything to do with this investigation. They claim both of Jenise’s parents have been very cooperative and they were mainly just focusing on finding the child.

I am so broken up over this news. I had every hope that this little girl would be found alive perhaps in the nearby woods and lost and scared. It was like someone had stabbed me when I got the news that she was found dead. My thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones. I know little Jenise Paulette Wright is now in heaven sitting on Jesus’ lap and she is not in any pain, bless her heart. I hope that thought will help bring some sort of peace to her loved ones.

Jan Barrett

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