An internal investigation has been ordered after it was revealed that a school in England made five emergency calls within a 50 minute time frame to report an armed intruder who had entered the premises and begun to threaten faculty with a large lump of wood only to have police never respond or arrive to investigate. The school had been dismissed for the day but there were still students at school partaking in after school activities, luckily they were kept away from the intruder. The faculty member making the complaint against the police is the head teacher, Stuart Pywell. “He was standing in a corridor armed with a thick stick being very aggressive and abusive to everyone. He was clearly high on drugs. I told him the police had been called but he just kept threatening us, saying “you’re dead”. He was very agitated and had the lump of wood but, for all we knew, he could also have had a knife so we were reluctant to physically tackle him.”

Police under fire for snubbing five 999 calls at terrified school (Daily Mail)

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