This nation is polarized, national issues are politicized, and politicians’ misdeeds are pasteurized.
The nation is polarized by career politicians blaming the other political party’s members for the nation’s troubles in order to obscure their incompetency. Consequently, brainwashed conservative and liberal Americans, consumed with this false premise, engage in this divisive struggle amongst themselves. The internet is inundated with web sites excoriating the opposing partisan view. Radio, TV, and newspapers thrive on this myth and faithfully preach to their choruses further ingraining the red blue argument. The controversy has become so heated with lies, distortions, and character assassinations that make compromise almost impossible.
Members of Congress selfishly politicize national issues to perpetuate their careers in office. The conservative agenda includes small government and lower taxes; while the liberal mantra is consists of entitlement programs and wealth distribution. This does not preclude members of each political party from straying from their party’s philosophies if it means losing votes. Our country is burdened by these careerists, whose sole purpose is to further their years in office.
Elected candidates are indoctrinated into corruption as soon as they enter Congress. They are indebted to their large campaign donors, who contributed the three to five million dollars required to campaign for office. Thereafter, these new office holders extend special favors to these contributors, as per the long standing modus operandi in Congress. The corruption permeates both legislation bodies to the point that these elitist members ignore the responsibilities of office and in some cases even believe they are above the law. These men and women abuse the special privileges of their positions, grant themselves generous pensions, free health care, and exempt themselves from the onerous regulations they impose on citizens. Legislators use earmarks for votes, aggrandizement, and benefits for themselves. Senator Byrd of West Virginia has brought for so many earmarks for parks, highways, buildings, and parks bearing his name that critics suggest that the state be renamed Byrdland. Representative Murtha of Pennsylvania has used pork to create ‘the airport to nowhere.’ This $150 million federal dollar John Murtha Airport has one airline service with 18 flights per week and less than 30 passengers a day. Incidentally, this is a convenient commute for the Congressman to his home. Carried away, some Congressmen/women don’t pay taxes, accept favorable mortgages, purchase homes priced below market, and arrange federal contracts for spouses. The Senate and House Ethic Committees, made up of peers, encourage corrupt behavior because they pasteurize every misdemeanor perpetrated by their fellow members of Congress. The snide Beltway claim is, “that the mandate for these committees is anything short of murder is perfectly ethical conduct.” 
Let’s use the next election to kick out these corrupt career members of Congress and restore our representative government. Replace these incumbents with ethical, civic minded individuals, who will serve their country as faithfully as the men and women in the Armed Services.
Art Woodrow

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