It was Bill Gates that came out with the classic line “Be nice to nerds, one day you might be working for one”. He hit the nail on the head, well sort of.

There are nerds everywhere. I am one! Goodness it sounds like I am part of a 12 step program! I am not, I am just a nerd. For thirty plus years I was the traditional nerd, I did nerdy things with computers. Unlike the 12 step program, I am not a recovering Nerd, I just found new areas to hone my nerdery skills. Books, music, and almost everything else excite my Nerd gene.

Don’t hate nerds, embrace them is my motto! I have never heard a stupid question, but I sure have heard some stupid answers.

It came as a surprise that I was invited to take part in a test for Podnerds. But I liked it, it was not about technology as much it was about offering help. Podcasting is available to everyone, I recall a discussion with a Podcaster that liked to do live broadcasts using nothing more than a cell phone and walking around a Farmers Market, interviewing people at random. She had balls! I like her.

I see Podnerds as a resource that my friend with her cell phone and the person with the whole home studio can find value in.

Take a peek.


Simon Barrett


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