U.S. nuclear umbrella deters strike by DPRK

I don’t think I’d be venturing very much to guess that American military forces, with their nasty guns and jets and warships and all are suddenly…. Well, if not exactly popular in Japan these days, somewhat comprehensively less un-popular.

The realization that “holy $#@!$%, that bats**t insane little regime just across the water has got nukes!” (Or something that goes boom like a nuke and leaves residual traces like a nuke) probably has everyone but the most anti-nuke advocate reassessing the situation and rediscovering their inner samurai. Or at the very least one would hope, reconsidering the next protest at the front gate of whatever American base is due for a mass visit by the terminally aggrieved.

Something about having an impenetrably mysterious and completely erratic neighbor ruled by a single-minded clique will do that to even the most well-intentioned. The stories that come out about conditions in North Korea range from the truly horrific to the creepily bland. The ones told by North Korean defectors are the most appalling, for they paint the whole place as basically a country-sized concentration camp. Even more horrible, is that the defectors themselves as a rule are noticeably stunted in growth, compared to South Koreans who presumably come from the same gene pool.

When North Korea collapses… as I think it eventually will, despite the best efforts of China and South Korea to prevent that occurrence, I am afraid that what we will find will make Auschwitz look like a kindergarten.

*Kipling. I’m on a Kipling roll today, must be something in the air.

“Sgt Mom” is a freelance writer and retired Air Force NCO, who blogs at www.sgtstryker.com, and lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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