I leave CNN on a lot. I like background noise, and after nine months at home with my kids I just can’t watch any more episodes of “Bringing Home Baby”. Or Adoption Stories. Or. . .well, I’m sure you get my point. However, I think I’m going to have go back to watch heartwarming stories of family life.

I know more about Anna Nicole Smith than I know about any presidential candidate. I know more about the legal issues involved in her death than I know about the Scooter Libby trial. I have seen more video of her than I have of my own children.

I can grant that her death and all the legal problems are some kind of news. While I think this is the kind of news that belongs on “E!”, I’m willing to give the real media a break. After all, she did have a case before the Supreme Court.

But nothing has changed. Nothing has been determined in her cause of death, nothing has been determined in her daughter’s paternity case, nothing has been determined in her estate. So why is she still all over the news? Why do I have to hear the same facts (or lack thereof) over and over again? Are there really that many Playboy fans out there?

It’s sad that she’s dead. I hope whoever winds up with her daughter takes good care of the poor kid. But we’re at war. A top politician is on trial. We’re having issues with Iran. A crazy kid murdered people at a shopping mall. People are declaring their presidential candidancies. Can’t the media cover something besides Anna Nicole?


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