As a long time reviewer of just about anything and everything, I can honestly say that not all of my reviews are positive. In fact sometimes an author or movie maker, or eatery will irk me so much that I feel obliged to give them a public flogging. Generally speaking, said miscreants hide in a corner, sulk for a while, and then get on with their lives.

After one particularly horrendous dining experience my wife and I gave the restaurant a royal panning. What was their comeback? An apology from one of the chains head honchos, and an offer to make amends.

It was with awe that I read an email this morning from the disgruntled owners of some Chuck E Cheese type joint called Playtime Party Center. They have taken umbrage at a review that one of our writers   published last month. Rather than try to rectify the perceived issues, they decided to go on the attack!

I enjoyed the email so such, I have decided to share it with you all. I also found it interesting that the review has been running for almost 4 weeks, yet the flurry of comments supporting the establishment only started 3 days ago. A put up job? Stuffing the ballot box so as to speak?

To whom it may concern,

While every American has the right to freedom of speech I am addressing this to the review written by Judy Williams posted on September 18th about Playtime Party Center in Wentzville. I am the owner of Playtime, have served in the United States Marine Corps, protecting your above mentioned freedoms from 1992-1996. We are trying to run a privately owned, family play center focusing on FAMILIES interacting and playing together. We built Playtime Party Center (PPC) from the parent’s vantage point not corporate.

We planned for 3 years, got together with local police departments and two security councils, developing a “new” industry with security of the families at the forefront of every conversation.
It is very disheartening to find that your “journalist” is free to write such negative criticism about a family run, Christian business. If you go to said article you will find many blogs from patrons of (PPC) stating their enthusiasm for our business. With this said I am requesting that the “Review” be removed immediately from the internet. It is posted everywhere you find PLAYTIME. If it is not too much trouble and you really want a true review of PPC, leave our patrons blogs for these are a real reflection of PPC from actual customers.

We run a very solid business and are not going under as suggested in her so called review. I am not mad at Judy for her remarks b/c it is her opinion, but to post such harsh criticism w/o even talking to management is uncalled for. I don’t think it is a true indication of how she feels b/c she did come three times and supposedly spent considerable money. Is she involved with competition as one of our customers stated in their blog? How is she focused as the parenting examiner? Just having children does not make her an expert. I don’t think she is biased enough to write a true “review” of any facility. She trashed my business in a public forum and I hope that from the 400+ people that read this before me do not miss out on the best family place in St. Charles County b/c of her malice opinion. The huge
response from our customers as to this review, gives you the ability to correct this wrong doing.

I can be contacted anytime at the below # or my cell @ 314-xxx-xxxx. I would love a follow up as to your course of action.

Thank you for your consideration, attention, and time.

Todd A. Bishop & Kelly M. Bishop
(636) 887-4244

Just another boring day in the life of being an editor!

Simon Barrett

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