One of the most desirous plants for anyone interested in house plants is the Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides.) Surrounded in mystery and legend, the plant was discovered relatively recently by George Forrest in 1906 in the Yunnan Province of China. It was subsequently rediscovered after the Second World War by a missionary Agnar Espegren in 1946 and smuggled to Norway and the rest of the Scandinavian world. It gained popularity as a much-desired house plant and is sought out by collectors worldwide.

In the United States the demand for the plant is extreme and most are acquired by being fortunate enough to receive a cutting from a friend with a plant whenever this is possible. Fortunately, those days are over with the establishment of a remarkable business, Plant for Thought ( which specializes in a remarkable process of cultivating rare and interesting house plants through a specialized methodology which reduces the price, increases the availability of rare plants and permits plant lovers everywhere to choose their plant from inventory photographs.

As a fervent collector of horticultural specimens, the Plant for Thought website is indeed a welcome relief not only because the costs are reasonable, but the owner Nate Sauder is committed to customer satisfaction and the distribution of nothing but quality plants for his customers. A remarkable achievement for today’s standards, especially when the commercial distribution of plants is controlled by a few merchants with little if any concern for customer satisfaction and their product’s quality.

Speaking with Nate on multiple occasions it was readily apparent that he is fiercely committed to growing his business, one satisfied customer at a time and that is indeed refreshing.

Enthusiastic gardeners need to take a serious look at Plant for Thought’s website ( and make a purchase from Nate. I guarantee you will be totally satisfied with your new house plant, and if you aren’t Nate will make it right.

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