This is a guest post by author Jay Rankin. His debut book Under The Neon Sky takes us behind the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas. You can read my review here – Simon

Be True to Your Desires and Needs.

As the doorman to the largest hotel in the world, I could open just about any door in town, and answer just about any question. I was asked hundreds of questions a day by guests. Before answering I always asked, “What do YOU like?” Las Vegas has something for everybody which means, there are things offered that are not for everyone. The key is to figure out your own individual wants and needs.

What do you like in food and where is best place to go? What do you enjoy in a show? Are you into taking the 3 mile walk down the Strip? Which nightclub? Which topless bar? Which all male show for women? Which gay bar? Did you want to lie out at the pool? How about the Sharks at Mandalay or the lions at the MGM Grand? You might be someone who loves bowling. How about trying your skills on the racetrack?

Las Vegas offers so many things to do. If you can sit quietly for a few minutes and think about it, you may come up with a really good plan. Is there a show or concert you would like to see? Then pick up the phone and book it. Is there a restaurant you want to go too that has a view of the city? Make the reservation. The whole idea is not to exhaust yourself trying to do everything, you’ll never make it.

Many Las Vegas happenings are targeted which means they cater to certain groups and certain ages. Are you single? There are nightclubs that cater more toward a young crowd and others that zero in on the older set. There are hotels that focus on the twenty & thirty-something people while others are directed toward families with children.

If budget is a big concern, get on line and click hotel rates on the dates you want to stay. This particular piece of advice is important. Las Vegas is a world-wide destination for not just conventions but groups of people from all over the world who have booked their travel well in advance. This translates into the city being completely booked 6 months down the road, or if not sold-out, then very expensive. It’s about supply and demand. During a slow period, a room could go for $60.00 a night. That same room might be 4 times that during a busy weekend.

Nothing can blow a good time faster than loosing all your money and going into debt in the casino. All the homework, all the planning and anticipation ruined. If you’re going to gamble remember: know the game you are playing or you will loose. If you decide to get really drunk and then gamble, you will probably loose. Play wisely. Don’t ever try to chase your money by making trips to the ATM, the odds are not in your favor. Las Vegas is there only because of people who have lost their money.

In my years working on The Strip, I’ve seen too many people go from flying high, to crash and burning within 24 hours.

When it’s time to go home, here’s the big question: Do you have regrets? If you lost some money in the casino and had a few too many drinks, but overall had a good time, was it worth it?

Jay Rankin is the author of  Under The Neon Sky….A Las Vegas Doorman’s Story. Please visit Jay’s site at where you can download the first chapter for free.

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