According to the Associated Press, Planned Parenthood plans to close five of its clinics in the state of Indiana in anticipation of a shortage in federal funding for the nonprofit organization. The clinics are located in Anderson, Franklin, Kokomo, northwest Indianapolis and Shelbyville.

The Indiana Family Health Council will begin distributing the funds for Title XX. The council apparently limits the fees for low-income clients who obtain treatment at clinics that receive money from Title XX funding.

The five Planned Parenthood clinics slated for closure do not perform abortions and the process will take place over the next six months. The organization plans to keep 29 other clinics in the state open for business.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider. The nonprofit organization performed over 300,000 abortions in 2007, the latest year figures are available. During the 2008 fiscal year, the organization received nearly $350 million in various government grants and contracts. Planned Parenthood revenues during that same year were just over $1billion.

If health care reform is enacted, President Obama stated in a July 2007 speech before Planned Parenthood activists that the he saw the organization as a community provider in a reformed health care system and that it would play a key role as such a provider.

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