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We are not aware whether or not there exists any legal firm charged with the protection of the Adolf Hitler estate and its assets.  One is apt to conclude not.  Nonetheless, were such a firm to exist, they would surely today be awash in revenues resulting from countless suits filed on behalf of their client against individuals and groups appropriating the Fuhrer’s intellectual property and claiming it as their own. His paintings?  Goh … no. Couldn’t sell those to a myopic dentist.  I am referring to Mr. Hitler’s anti-American rhetoric. 

Today, 11 December, 2007, is the 66th anniversary of The Fuhrer’s declaration of war against the United States of America.  Not to be outdone by those wily Japanese who virtually liquidated the U.S. Navy on Sunday, December 7th, 1941, Hitler ordered his minions to whip up a formal declaration of war on Germany’s behalf and present it the following Thursday. To augment this momentous occasion, Hitler saw fit to entreat radio listeners the world over to a rambling, spitting, seemingly endless screed wherein he explained the “rationale” behind his decision.  More than a mere declaration of war, however, it is in this screed that Herr Hitler seems to have defined the genre of post-modern anti-American rhetoric.

Consider these examples extracted from the gnarled syntax of Hitlerian drivel:    

“The American President and his Plutocratic clique have mocked us as the Have-nots-that is true, but the Have-nots will see to it that they are not robbed of the little they have.”
“I merely quote this to illustrate the methodical incitement which has come from this man (Roosevelt) who speaks hypocritically of peace, but always urges to war … he invents from time to time crises, by means of which he pretends that America is being threatened with aggression.”
“I don’t need to mention what this man (Roosevelt) has done for years in the same way against Japan. First he incites war then falsifies the causes, then odiously wraps himself in a cloak of Christian hypocrisy and slowly but surely leads mankind to war…”
“Thus began the increasing efforts of the American President to create conflicts, to do everything to prevent conflicts from being peacefully solved. For years this man harboured one desire-that a conflict should break out somewhere in the world. The most convenient place would be in Europe, where American economy could be committed to the cause of one of the belligerents in such a way that a political interconnection of interests would arise calculated slowly to bring America nearer such a conflict. This would thereby divert public interest from bankrupt economic policy at home towards foreign problems.” 

Sound familiar somehow?  The best is yet to come.  Let us take a look at the declaration’s climax; the ejaculation to which Hitler had been so vigorously working himself up to in the previous 20 or so pages, wherein he actually declares war upon the United States. For added fun, let’s switch the name “Roosevelt” with “Bush.”  Watch what happens! 

“As a consequence of the further extension of President BUSH’s policy, which is aimed at unrestricted world domination and dictatorship, the U.S.A. together with England have not hesitated from using any means to dispute the rights of the German, Italian and Japanese nations to the basis of their natural existence. The Governments of the U.S.A. and of England have therefore resisted, not only now but also for all time, every just understanding meant to bring about a better New Order in the world.

Since the beginning of the war the American President, BUSH, has been guilty of a series of the worst crimes against international law; illegal seizure of ships and other property of German and Italian nationals were coupled with the threat to, and looting of, those who were deprived of their liberty by being interned. BUSH’s ever increasing attacks finally went so far that he ordered the American Navy to attack everywhere ships under the German and Italian flags, and to sink them-this in gross violation of international law. American ministers boasted of having destroyed German submarines in this criminal way. German and Italian merchantships were attacked by American cruisers, captured and their crews imprisoned.

With no attempt at an official denial there has now been revealed in America President BUSH’s plan by which, at the latest in 1943, Germany and Italy were to be attacked in Europe by military means. In this way the sincere efforts of Germany and Italy to prevent an extension of the war and to maintain relations with the U.S.A. in spite of the unbearable provocations which have been carried on for years by President BUSH, have been frustrated.

Germany and Italy have been finally compelled, in view of this, and in loyalty to the Tri-Partite act, to carry on the struggle against the U.S.A. and England jointly and side by side with Japan for the defense and thus for the maintenance of the liberty and independence of their nations and empires.”

Spine-tingling is it not?  Why, were one merely to swap dates and references to that era’s Axis of Evil for today’s, one could fully expect to hear this rot tomorrow on the evening news as a quote attributed to Osama Bin Laden, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the very late Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-il, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Michael Moore, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, or the news anchor him or herself! 

Of course, in 1941, the free world dismissed this prattle for the rubbish it was.  Hitler had by then vastly overplayed his “War-mongering Have’s versus the Peace-Loving Have-Not’s” melodrama which served him so well throughout the 1930’s.  Today, however, this very same bilge is accepted, amplified, and broadcast by multitudes of glassy-eyed Lefties on college campuses, editorial boards, security councils, and national intelligence committees around the globe and, unfortunately, across the United States.  

In his 1948 literary masterpiece, The Second War, Sir Winston Churchill wrote:

“One day President Roosevelt told me that he was asking publicly for suggestions about what the war should be called. I said at once The Unnecessary War.”

His point, of course, was that had the free world responded appropriately to obvious indications that Adolf Hitler was a rabid loon-bucket bent on world domination at any cost, they could have stopped him with relative ease and scarcely a shot very early on. In the 1930’s, however, despite Sir Winston’s ardent warnings, the war weary world was far more inclined towards pacifism, isolationism, appeasement, and apathy and chose to look the other way until it was nearly too late.  The following decade, they learned the hard way the price of such negligence.  What then might be in store for the post-1960’s enlightenment generations, a good portion of whom not only fail to appreciate such threats, but reach out to embrace them like toddlers for that big cuddly pit bull chained up in the neighbor’s back yard?

No doubt we will be hearing Hitler’s tired old anti-American lexicon for decades to come. Envy and lack of imagination are but two of the delightful qualities common in would-be-kings now as ever. Our gullibility and deference to this plagiarized tactic, however, is by now inexcusable.  If common sense will not embolden us to reject it, then perhaps a good strongly worded cease and desist order from Hitler’s estate attorneys will.



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