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Pizza Patrón, a Dallas-based pizza franchise that specializes in locations in Dallas’ Latino neighborhoods, will start accepting Mexican Pesos for their pizza. The promotion started today (Monday) and is supposed to run at least until the end of February.

Some people are trying to make this marketing scheme into some kind of plot to encourage more illegal immigration but their conspiracy theories are just a lot of hot melted cheese. If Dallas was a border town you could ‘knead’ this story into a plan to lure illegals across the border with the scent of hot, spicy pizza (and it would still be a stupid theory) but the real story is that Pizza Patrón is just trying to make more ‘dough;’ and even those of us who are ready to grab our guns and personally plug up all the holes in the border, will have to admit that Pizza Patrón has come up with a pretty clever marketing gimmick. A good businessman always tries to make his customers feel as comfortable and welcome as possible.

If you see a story soon about some other store that has started accepting Syrian Pounds or Iranian Rials, don’t worry about that either. It’ll probably just be an FBI sting operation, trying to catch some of the many terrorists that came across the Mexican border in the past few years.


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