The tabloid news this week had shown Angelina Jolie’s Bodyguard roughing up yet another person, this time a group of parents at a school in India. This time the Bodyguard was arrested and hauled off to Jail,  eliciting a “we don’t condone this  type of behavior apology from Pitt. There was no such apology when the Television crews caught the same bodyguard choking a photographer last week. This type of behavior gives security personnel,  most of whom act professionally, a bad name. The incident also says something about the employee’s (Pitt and Jolie), who failed to terminate this employee after the last assault. This type of publicity seems to follow certain types of celebrities, and seems to never occur with others. If you look at the ones involved, most often we can’t name their last film, or their greatest awards, but we know who their last two divorces were from, or what scandal they are involved in. This is no coincidence. 

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