A few days ago, Pittsburgh Pirates CEO Kevin McClatchy announced that he will resign from his position at the end of the season. This decision now calls into question the futures of general manager Dave Littlefield and manager Jim Tracy. However, principal owner Bob Nutting has stated that their fates will not be decided upon until next season whether they enter into a rare lame-duck year or have their terms extended.

The decision that everyone is focusing on right now is McClatchy’s resignation. The 44-year-old bought the Pirates in 1996 and remained principal owner until January of this year when Bob Nutting replaced him on this title. He has served on several Major League Baseball boards including its executive council, international committee, and labor committee. McClatchy decided to make this announcement at the All Star Break instead of at the end of the season to allow the team to begin looking for a replacement early so that they can have someone hired well before the start of next season so that they may have time to settle into their new role. Nutting says that finding a replacement will be the most important decision he makes in his first year as principle owner of the Pirates, and while the search will begin immediately, he is not going to rush the process.

McClatchy’s co-workers have stressed fans to make the most out of his decision in that the team will be acquiring a fresh perspective on the team while at the same time honoring all that McClatchy has done for the Pirates. When he purchased the team in 1996, the Pirates were in danger of moving to another city. By managing to build PNC Park, a stadium that was marveled at by the country during last year’s All Star Game, he was able to keep the team in Pittsburgh. One goal that was not fulfilled was managing to get the Pirates a winning season, something that both the team and fans have been looking for in the last 14 years. However, this year, the team’s record, while not a winning record so far, is significantly better than at this time last year with a record of 38-47 instead of 30-60. If the second half of the season mirrors last years, the Pirates may be able to deliver McClatchy the winning season he has been looking for in the last 11 years.

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