Jiminy Cricket read the story of his wooden charge in the newspaper.  He shook his head sadly at Rusty Collins, who apparently had mucked up the story of Pinocchio, so he set out to correct it, whistling all the way into town.

Jiminy found ol’ Rusty lounging alongside The Fox, who was telling Rusty about a tree outside the city of Catchfools, where one could plant one coin and a tree would grow bearing thousands of them.

Jiminy addressed ol’ Rusty in his high-pitched voice. “Hey! You up there!  You got the story of my bud Pinocchio all wrong!”

Ol’ Rusty, being a fair-minded fellow always open to the possibility that he hadn’t considered all sides of an issue, leaned over and cupped his ear to hear Jiminy better.

“Pinocchio chose that payday lender as his source of credit of his own free will, just like…

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