MVD are releasing the next installment of their Classic Album Under Review series on April/24, and for a Pink Floyd fan, this is a must have DVD. Although the DVD is centered around Meddle, there is a good deal of time spent exploring Pink Floyds roots.Together with King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd led the mid 60’s psychedelia music phenomenon. This was the first movement away from the standard 3.5 minute song that consisted of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, verse, chorus. Preferring (as one music critic put it) “Instrumental Ramble”. The story of Pink Floyd really starts in 1967 following the firing of one of the founding members, Syd Barrett. For a while it seemed that this would be the end of the group, Syd had been the main song writing inspiration and without him it the future looked bleak.

However they did surive, and with Roger Waters at the helm began to prosper. Using Moog Synthesizers, Meletrons, and other leading edge electronic devices the band was heading in a new direction.

Their 1969 double album Umma Gumma reached the #5 spot in the UK charts, which was no mean feat for a non mainstream band. This was followed by Atom Heart Mother, an album that many feel was more ‘filler’ than music.

I have been a fan of Pink Floyd for many years, and in my opinion their next album Meddle was their crowning achievement. Once again they took the music in previously untested directions, combining the sounds of household items into the music.

Interestingly enough it was not side 1 that got everyone’s attention, but the 20 minute song Echo’s that took up the entire of side 2.

As with the other DVD’s in this series the album is analyzed track by track by music critics and people that were involved with the project. We are treated to some never before seen live and studio clips, This is a real delight for any Pink Floyd fan.

Among the commentators are Norman Smith, who produced some of the Floyd material, and who is an artist in his own right, he sang under the stage name of Hurricane Smith. Peter Banks, an early member of Yes, weighs in with his memories of touring with Pink Floyd, and Hugh Hopper a founding member of Soft Machine also adds some color.

I really enjoyed this critique of an often overlooked album. When people think of Pink Floyd inevitably it is the record breaking Dark Side Of The Moon that comes to mind. However much of the style in Dark Side, has its roots in Meddle. 

Pink Floyd: Meddle: A Classic Album Under Review is available from MVD.

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