According to a recent report the UK’s Public Interest Lawyers have taken legal action in the High Court on behalf of the environmental group Friends of Hartlepool to stop an asbestos contaminated French ship from being imported to the UK to be dismantled. The toxic ship is said to be contaminated with around seven hundred and sixty tones of asbestos.

One lawyer from the PIL group said that the ship was ‘one of the largest and the most infamous toxic ships in Europe and has long been the source of embarrassment for the French government.’ This comes after an exemption was granted by the Health and Safety Executive to toxic ship breaking company Able UK to import the toxic ship.

An official from the Friends of Hartlepool stated: “We feel that it is a deep injustice to force a small town — which has already disproportionately suffered the ill-effects of polluting industries and has one of the highest cancer rates in the UK — to accept France’s toxic waste.”

Another official from the group said that the campaign was the ‘beginning of a new stage in the fight by Hartlepool residents to prevent our community from becoming the international toxic waste dumping ground of choice of both governments and polluting industries’.

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