It is a rare event for winter to even be a blip on the radar in this part of the world. Geographically the city of Picayune is some 50 miles straight north from New Orleans. Winter consists of a couple of weeks each year when to sit outside on the front porch might require a long sleeved shirt and maybe even a light jacket.

Snow Shovels, and Windshield scrapers are not big sellers at the local Walmart, in fact I seriously doubt that they even stock them. In the five years I have lived here I have never seen a car fitted with a Block Heater.

Things are about to change. The Jet Stream fed up with the cold up in the north is making like a bird and migrating to warmer climes. It would seem that Picayune is on the Jet Streams vacation list. It is predicted that the 60 degree temperature today, will be replaced by a 32 degree high tomorrow and there is a threat of freezing rain and a few snow showers.

While there are places that I have lived where 32 degrees would be considered T-shirt and Shorts weather, that certainly is not the case here in Picayune.

Picayune has taken precautions. While most of the readers will laugh, as indeed I did, the local newspaper The Picayune Item had this to say:

The Pearl River County EOC (Emergency Operations Center) issued a statement advising that all Poplarville, Pearl River Central and Picayune district schools will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday, January 28th and 29th, due to weather conditions.

Digging further into the story the EOC has also closed all city and government offices for two days as well.

Yup, two Snow Days and a single flake has yet to fall!

Oh how readers from the North must be laughing.

Simon Barrett

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