In my blog, Getting Elected Blogline, I posted many times on the non-voluntary euthanasia of Terri Schindler Schiavo by the withholding of food and water. In one post, Is The Camel’s Nose in The Tent?, I commented on the slippery slope of first physician-assisted suicide, next voluntary euthanasia and then non-voluntary euthanasia, as in Terri’s case. (You can read about Terri in the blog titled Blogs for Terri.)

Now, the slope, if possible, has become even slipper and has turned, in a horrendous direction – physician-assisted suicide for mentally ill patients.

A Swiss Federal Tribunal court decision added mental illnesses as another reason for physician-assisted suicide, with “safeguards”. The assumption is that the decision for physician-assisted suicide is voluntary.

The court said: “It must be recognized that an incurable, permanent, serious mental disorder can cause similar suffering as a physical (disorder), making life appear unbearable to the patient in the long term.”

Read about this here in an AP story titled “Swiss may expand assisted suicide law”.

I ask, how can a decision be voluntary if the disease itself can cause one to be suicidal?

This is so wrong and sinful. God is the author of life (Genesis 2:7), not death. Jesus said, “Feed my sheep” (John 21:16), not starve my sheep. He healed the sick and brought the dead back to life.

Certainly suicide, in any form, is not of God.

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