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Michael Smerconish to fill in at MSNBC

Next week, local and syndicated Philadelphia talk show host Michael Smerconish will broadcast in the time slot previously owned by Don Imus, and Media Matters is already all over it, listing him on their Conservative Radio Hit List, and we’re not using ‘Hit’ as in ‘Greatest All Time Hits’.

I happen to like the perspective that Smerconish brings into play.  He’s not really an ultra-conservative guy, nothing like a Rush Limbaugh type.  In the past, I’ve actually heard him take Limbaugh to task on certain issues.  Michael’s main gripes seem to be with the Politically Correct crowd, and we’re thinking that’s what Media Matters doesn’t like.  If something isn’t spelled, the Matters folks tend to give it the evil eye.

Links: – Michael Smerconish – Media Matters

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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