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‘Flag’s of our Fathers,’ Ryan Philippe has recently starred on Ellen. Whilst sharing some couch tie with the Degeneres girl, Ryan spoke about his divorce from the beautiful Reese Witherspoon and how his 7-year-old daughter, Ava, is his inspiration and rock, helping him get through the tough times.
Phillippe shared: “It’s devastating. But the bottom line is the focus is on the children and they’re doing amazingly well and that is really all that matters. As difficult as it is, my daughter has been the inspiration — she has, my 7 year old daughter is Ava yeah, she is beyond, in terms of like conscientiousness and maturity, and she has gotten me though this…I know it sounds pathetic, I’m a 32-year-old guy, but my 7-year-old daughter is getting me though the toughest time in my life, and that’s beautiful too.”
Phillippe also bedazzles the talk-show host saying: “When I walked out here I got excited, cause you have been at times like Prozac to me. If I watch a stand-up of yours it just takes me away I just think you’re great.”
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