After a show of force (that included destroying the hotel lobby by driving an armoured personnel carrier into the hotel lobby) and the peaceful surrender of the rebels (and the arrest of a handful of news reporters who were in the hotel) things are again quiet in the Philippines.

Last night there was a curfew, not only in Manila but in nearby provences (which being rural have a high level of opposition to the government).

Today is a holiday, and everyone is going to see how many turn out for the previously planned anti government demonstrations.

If large numbers turn out, look for furthur coup attempts in the near future.

([The plot] is still active. The [uprising] yesterday [Thursday] was supposed to be connected to today’s [Friday] activities),” Razon announced at a press conference in Camp Crame.

Razon refused to tell the media the full details of the supposed destabilzation plot, as he said follow-up operations were ongoing for the arrest of the personalities involved.

Last night, the failure of the public to respond to help those in the five hour seige suggests that the level of disgust about government corruption hasn’t hit the point that the people want another “people power” revolt.

One reason might be that despite corruption charges, President Arroyo has been busy finding countries to hire more Filipinos. As long as the most productive work overseas and send back money to raise their families out of extreme poverty, the numbers of those available for a popular revolt is lessened.

However, the ability of a plotter to become a Senator in the last election suggests that opposition is around, it just is too busy to chose instability by going against the fragile rule of law.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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