Here in the Philippines, the news of the day usually is usually about the latest disaster, the latest political murder, or (on a more positive note) that our lovely president Gloria is getting overseas jobs for our workers, or investments here at home.

So today’s press conference by the Armed Forces of the Philippines showed that there is some good news. I hate to say “good news” when the news is that a person has died, but the news was actually that DNA confirmed the death of a major terrorist leader in September 2006.

Khaddafy Janjalani was the head of Abu Sayyaf, a group associated with AlQaeda, and a group that is linked to the Indonesians terror group who bombed Bali.

He was wanted by the US over the kidnapping of several tourists including Americans vacationing in Palawan (several, including an American, were beheaded), but in the Philippines, the thought of eternal judgement being given to those who bombed a ferry killing 100 innocent Pinoys was the main reason for rejoicing.(Old link to Ferry story HERE)
It is hoped that the death of Janjalani and also of Abu Sulieman, who was killed last week, will weaken the foreign influence from the Muslim enclaves in the South, and that it will encourage the MILF and other remaining Muslim separatist groups to join the majority of Muslims who have made peace with the Arroyo government.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines, Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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