Neocolonialism anyone?

The Philippines passed an RH bill, a “Reproductive Health Bill” that requires medical personnel to push birth control on their patients, and all the US newspapers are rejoicing.

The bill had the opposition of the powerful Catholic church, but in a country where the average number of kids per woman has fell from 6 to below 3 over the last 20 years, one suspects that the bishops were on the wrong side of the argument.

However, the flow of money from America (and indirectly the American government via astroturf “grass roots” organizations), along with a sex education bill that requires my ten year old granddaughter to learn the technicalities of making love, is neocolonialism at it’s best.

Maybe the bishops aren’t as paranoid as they sound when they insist this is merely the first step in promoting abortion, divorce, and a gay rights bill that will undermine traditional marriage and Catholic institutions.

Gay rights are not a big issue here in the provinces where gays and transvestites are commonly seen walking the streets, but the dirty little secret is that  the US State Department has an agenda larger than giving the pills to poor ladies in the Visayas. Hillary’s “civil rights” agenda has pleased the US gay community, but has made a lot of African countries angry, to the bewilderment of gay activists who don’t know the back story behind African “homophobia (the poorly reported story of sexual abuse of men and sexual exploitation of children, including boys: by employers during colonial times, by teachers in schools, by gangs who entice children into prostitution, and rape as punishment, of both men and women, during the many civil wars and tribal conflicts).

Gay rights are not a big issue here in the Philippine provinces, where gays and trasvestites are part of the normal landscape, but it is a bit disturbing that the same powers that pushed the RH bill are pushing a safe sex westernized “sex education” agenda in our schools, the legalization of easy divorce, and abortion on demand. The bishops see the RH bill as the “nose of the camel” to destroy the Philippine family, an extended family which not only protects children but is the main source of help in times of trouble.

But when ten percent of our best workers are forced to find work overseas, the Philippine family is already under siege. Globalization at it’s best: Making people rich, while destroying their culture.

And to complicate matters, wikipedia reports:

Any person or public official who prohibits or restricts the delivery of legal and medically safe reproductive health care services will be meted penalty by imprisonment or a fine.[12]

No conscience clause here, thank you.

That is not exactly the best way to attract pious Muslim and Catholic health care workers to live and work in isolated rural communities when they can work in Saudi for three times the salary and not risk going to hell, but never mind.

It has been long suspected that the RH bill push was funded by outside interests, now Wikileaks spilled the beans that most of  the money is coming from the US to bribe encourage passage of the RH Bill…

So how much US pressure was behind the bill, which sat around for months but is now passed and will be implemented as an “urgent” matter?

I made a sarcastic comment on one of the local newspapers saying that since PNoy bowed to our American masters and passed the RH bill, does that mean they will now help us to defend our coastlines? (In last month’s the latest ASEAN meeting in Burma, Obama told the Philippines that we had to settle the disputes with China without the help of the USA).
So today from Google News:

Philippines House passes reproductive health bill

CNN – ‎16 hours ago‎

(CNN) — Lawmakers on Monday approved legislation calling for government-funded contraception and sex education classes in the Philippines, a first in the heavily Catholic nation. “Our legislature took an historic vote today for women and families as

US drastically expanding military presence in the Philippines

RT – ‎3 hours ago‎

The US will significantly increase its military presence in the Philippines
– an announcement that has angered China, whose Communist Party chief
urged his military to prepare for a struggle and whose state-run media
have criticized the agreement.

Huh? That was fast…

Uh, fellahs, I was joking…

I agree with Bobby Jindal: Keep the government out of people’s private lives, and let the private sector take care of it.

So how do you do that?

I will explain in a later post.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines

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