My Yahoo headlines today proclaimed:

Manila courts issues new rules to stop killings

Ah, that’s nice.

Just a simple declaration and voila, no more murder.

Yet a lot of the murders here are done by rogue elements from both sides

It’s like the famous comic skit: Man puts on hat: “I’m A”…takes off hat: “I’m B”.
So if a policeman/soldier takes his hat off and kills, is it the government’s fault? Of course.
So just as Uribe is trying to purge the corrupt from Colombia’s armed forces, so too the Arroyo government needs to work to make the military and police force more professional.
So now the left, by pressuring the UN into issuing a report, has managed to get a commission to root out the death squads connected tiwh the government. But where is the report on the atrocities by the other side? Or doesn’t the UN and the left give a hoot for the businessmen and others killed by their pet groups?
The dirty little secret is that a lot of these killings are done by the “insurgents”, and in this area of Luzon that means the communists: The NPA and their various offshoots.
We worry that the real winners in the “civil rights” report are the communists.
From StrategyPage:

December 2, 2007: The communist NPA announced that it was going to increase its decades old effort to overthrow the government. The NPA is encouraged by the success of European leftists to get the UN to condemn the Filipino government for not stopping the murder of leftist activists by their enemies in the police and army.

As a result, expect more terror against businesses that the green/left in Europe hate, but would provide jobs for people in some very poor areas of the islands:

The communists play to their overseas supporters by attacking targets that resonate with the foreigners. Mines are considered bad by foreign leftists, although the locals will fight to keep them open. But it’s foreign supporters who will get the NPA off the international terrorists list, and allow foreigners to again freely contribute to keeping the NPA violence going.

I really don’t have a problem with “Human rghts groups”  like Human Rights Watch, who condemn the Arroyo government’s laxity on death squads but also notes those killed by various “insurgencies”, both Islamofascist and Communist in origin.

If one lives here, it is hard to ignore the daily headlines of the chaos and sorrow caused by these groups.

Today’s headlines on ABS-CBN show an example of the low grade violence plaguing the country:

South Cotabato mining firm beefs up security
Koronadal City – A copper mining firm in South Cotabato is set to hire more than 100 civilian guards to secure its base camp and exploration areas at the boundaries of South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat and Davao del Sur from future New People’s Army (NPA) attacks.
The Philippine Star (1/28/2008 1:48:48 AM)
Questions raised on radioman’s role in Lintuan killing
DAVAO CITY – Who really killed Batman?
The Philippine Star (1/28/2008 1:48:26 AM)
Soldier killed in NPA attack in Davao
DAVAO CITY – A soldier was killed when a band of New People’s Army rebels attacked Sunday morning a Philippine Army detachment in Barangay Carmen, Boston, Davao Oriental.
The Philippine Star (1/28/2008 1:47:58 AM)
Task force makes progress in probe of activists’ murders
The Task Force Usig, an ad hoc body of the Philippine National Police (PNP), continues to make steady progress in carrying out its mandate to investigate killings of militants and journalists, an official said Sunday.
The Philippine Star (1/28/2008 1:38:22 AM)


In other words, the “insurgencies” resemble organized crime a lot more than liberators of the poor.

And when they attack businesses, the result is that investors prefer to invest elsewhere, meaning more poverty for the average person.
So who is there to speak for the victims of the various insurgencies, who kill businessmen in the name of vigilante justice, and who serve as professional hit men to murder political opponents of low level politicians?

Our nephew, a doctor and a US citizen, was a bystander killed by one local communist group who were acting as hitmen for a third party, who we suspect was a local political rival of those killed.

Yes, I know: They are reported as “a breakaway group” from the communists, but their exact record keeping suggests that they were reporting their hits to someone higher up.
The link about their arrest is HERE, but for some reason there is no news in today’s headlines about the arrest, even though the group has killed approximately 40 people.

Does this mean that someone is trying to keep the case low profile, because some of the murders were private hits for hire? We may never know…

So the next time you read about “human rights violations” in the Philippines, just remember: There’s enough blame to go around on all sides, and the ones who seek justice are the families.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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