More information is coming out about the bomb that killed four people, including two Philippine congressmen, a few days ago.

ABS-CBN quotes police officers as saying the bomb was attached to a motorcycle and was set off by a cellphone, and an earlier report says that several nails were found in the debris, suggesting that the bomb contained nails to increase the number of killed in the blast, a typical design of terrorist bombs against civilians in the Middle East.
This makes it more likely that the bomb was a terrorist act rather than a simple political assassination by rivals.

The fact that someone claiming to be an AbuSayyaf spokesman sent a claim to the police to be behind the bomb is another link in the chain pointing to terrorism rather than a typical political killing.

An AP Report says that one of the casualties, Congressman Akbar, a former member of the Alqaeda linked Abu Sayyaf group, was the target after he had a falling out with them and supported the government’s attempt to successfully pacify his area of the Philippines.

The Abu Sayyaf group of terrorists had received help from Alqaeda trained Indonesian terrorists, and last year the Philippine Security forces found and destroyed a bomb making factory that was manufacturing this type of sophisticated bombs. If this information turns out to be correct, then there is a danger that similar bombs will target not only government officials but civilians during the up coming Christmas holiday season.

That is why Manila has been placed on a state of alert.

And finally, as I predicted, the usual suspects were pointing the fingers at the government in this matter. Such claims are routine here, and not to be taken seriously in this case.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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