It has been reported that enrolment has now been completed by a pharmaceutical company in the United States. The trial is set to evaluate the effectiveness of the antibody, bavituximab. The aim of the study is to see how this antibody can help those with refactory cancers, which are those that do not respond to treatment.

The study is being conducted by Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc, and patinet enrolment for the clinical trial has now been completed. A range of different cancer patients have enroled for the trial and this includes patients suffering from the cancer mesothelioma, which is linked to asbestos exposure.

Joseph Shan, Vice President of clinical and regulatory affairs for Peregrine, said: “We believe data from this study, along with our ongoing Phase II lung and breast cancer trials, set the stage for advancing the bavituximab oncology program into later-stage clinical studies.”

He added: “The safety data collected from the diverse cancer types in this study are encouraging as we plan for expansion of the bavituximab cancer program in the coming year. We look forward to sharing more data from the ongoing cancer trials as patient treatment and follow-up continue in this study and in our three ongoing Phase II bavituximab cancer trials.”

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