The reports are that the Denver Bronco’s have picked up QB Peyton Manning for a wallet busting $96 million 5 year contract. So this likely signals the departure of Tim Tebow from the Bronco squad. A move that I think will hurt the Bronco’s in the long run. Sure, Peyton Manning has the track record, but youngster Tebow has the creativity. Manning is used goods, Tebow is still in ‘showroom condition’. He is a newer model and has many years of NFL life left in him. Manning has been through the mill, can he stand another 5 years of punishment?

I find it ironic that in almost every post game interview with any coach, for any team, something along the lines of:

Yes, it was the 80 yard run by (insert name) from a great pass by QB (insert name), but it was the whole team that gave us the win. Everyone was part of the effort.

OH, the actual words change, but the sentiment stays the same. It is not about individuals, it is the dynamic of the team that won. I think Tebow showed that team dynamic. But team loyalty and effort seem to count little in anything other than post game press conferences.

For Denver to turn their backs on Tim Tebow is very sad.

Even worse are the economics of this ‘reported’ deal. Manning is set to receive $96 mil over 5 years, In simple math that is around $20 mil per year. As I recall, the football season consists of 16 regular games. So, again using simple math, Manning is going to be earning $1 mil each game. A football game lasts 90 minutes and it is broken up into four quarters, so each quarter he rakes in $250,000. If we then assume that both teams share the time with possession of the ball, Peyton Manning will be on the field for 7.5 minutes. This works out to be somewhere around $33,000 per minute. Of course football plays are measured in seconds, so here it is, Manning will get paid just over $550 per second! 

Damn good money I say!

I guess that we should all be glad that the NFL didn’t join in with the banks and car manufactures in asking for a bail out!

Simon Barrett

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