Arizona’s Cochise County Attorney Ed Rheinheimer’s head is being measured for a platter by at least two local groups because of his failure to protect Cochise County citizens from either crime or a county government that has sold its soul to big real estate developers. CCCFJ, the Cochise County Citizens For Justice, is gathering signatures on petitions to recall Rheinheimer because of his ineptness in criminal matters. The website — — lists several murders and other serious crimes where Rheinheimer’s ineptness or failure to prosecute has left ordinary citizens unprotected. CCIPRA, the Cochise County Individual and Property Rights Association, has noted Rheinheimer’s indifference to substandard work by his deputies who advise county agencies. The website — — describes, in the “Upcoming Concerns” section, Rheinheimer’s deputies advising county agencies to contradict and ignore the law, apparently with his apparent blessing, in order to advance the agendas of big real estate developers. Because Rheinheimer has left citizens feeling helpless in the face of felonies, and unprotected from a politicized bureaucracy, Rheinheimer should be recalled. Let’s dump him, and get a county attorney who will require his staff to act like professional attorneys, not partisan hacks.

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