A new petition has been started to prevent the Anthony’s from making any money off a movie deal for the case of missing Caylee Anthony. It has been rumored that Lifetime is offering the Anthony’s $2 million for the movie rights. This petition is to keep that from happening.

You can find the petition at a website called “Lifetime Should Not Pay for a Movie About Caylee Anthony”

On the website it states, “We the undersigned will not stand for any media outlet buying the Casey Anthony story from the Anthony family before the full conclusion of this case and Caylee is brought home.” The goal for the petition is to collect 10,00 signatures. They already have more than 1000 names signed, with some leaving messages along with their signatures.

One signed it from South Carolina saying, “The money should go to the Texas EquaSearch foundation to help find missing children.” I think this would be a good idea especially after the foundation did spend a lot of money searching for Caylee.

Another petitioner wrote that no one should profit from a murder.

I agree with the petitioners that are signing this petition. It wouldn’t be right for the Anthony’s to make a profit on Caylee’s disappearance. I don’t know their financial situation right now but they shouldn’t be allowed to make money by selling this story. If they think protesters are bad now, I would hate to see the publics response if they do.

Today more documents and interviews were released to the public. According to the documents instant messages was sent to the former sheriff’s deputy, that was fired because he lied about his relationship with Casey. In the messages Casey complains about how hard it is to be a single mother and she once even referred to Caylee as the “little snot head.” She went on to write, “Seriously, spending the day with Caylee, is 10 times more exhausting than working a 12–hour event.”

Now as a mother of two boys I can relate to the feeling of it being very exhausting raising kids but I know beyond any doubt that if one of my kids was missing for even five minutes, I would be freaking out. I certainly wouldn’t be out partying with friends acting like I didn’t have a problem in the world.

I seriously doubt the truth about what really happened to Caylee will ever come out whether by some miracle that she is alive or if she is in heaven now. My theory is that if she is alive, Casey and her fancy lawyer that she can’t really afford will come up with a clever excuse to get Casey off the hook.

Either way though, in the public eye Casey Anthony nor her parents will ever be able to lead normal lives again. I would much prefer for them to be hated by the public for causing all this chaos and worry only to find Caylee alive and well in a safe place hidden from the world rather than hated for being responsible for the death of this precious little angel. I suppose only time will tell.

In the meantime Caylee, where ever you are the world loves you and a lot of prayers are being said for you. God Bless You, honey.

Jan Barrett

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