Right now, apart from the US Democrat Nomination “race”, Western world media attention is focussed on the Burma Crisis.  Burma (aka Myanmar) is suffering a combination of natural and man made disasters.  And the West is getting hot under the collar about it because the Burmese Military Junta wants to be seen to be the only saviours of “their” people.  They also went ahead with a highly controversial referendum in the middle of the crisis – this referendum is designed to hand even more power to the Military dictatorship.  That’s the way all communists and socialists work.  It’s what China wants – and the way China itself works (see Tibet).  And it’s the way Zimbabwe works… 

By contrast, Zimbabwe is a disaster that is all man made, but until now the West has blamed it on Mugabe alone.  Of course, Mugabe should have lost presidential elections before, but he has managed in the past to intimidate the electorate and massage the results sufficiently to maintain the façade of “winning”.  Aided and abetted by the ‘Southern African Development Community’, the cowardly West has pointed to Mugabe as being the “democratically elected” president. 

But the scale of the March 29 vote against Mugabe and Zanu-PF was so massive that Marxist Zanu-PF’s old tricks failed, and Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai won with over 50 percent of the vote.  If the result really had been as published (47.9 percent Tsvangirai, and 43.2 percent Mugabe), then why was publication of the official “result” delayed for so long?  If genuine, the run-off could have been held during April and the final result would have been known by now.  Of course, Zanu-PF needed time to change the results, and time to get the process of terrorising the population and destroying the opposition well under way before they could risk another “election” in the form of a run-off. 

Zimbabwe’s Morgan Tsvangirai has said he will take part in the so-called run-off if it is open for the world to see and report on (Jon Swain, Sunday Times).  Naturally, this has been rejected by Zimbabwe’s government.  This is a brave move by Tsvangirai – he has been accused of “treason” by Mugabe, and he (rightly) fears for his life if he returns to Zimbabwe. 

Many opposition supporters have been brutally assaulted and terrorised; since the elections, at least 20 have been killed by Zanu-PF thugs.  According to the agricultural workers union of Zimbabwe, 40 thousand farm workers and their families have been “cast out”, beaten up and are destitute (Cathy Buckle).  And inflation reached an unimaginable 160 THOUSAND percent.  Meanwhile South African President Thabo Mbeki is supposed to be “mediating”.  Mbeki visited Mugabe in Harare on Friday, but did not see anyone from Tsvangirai’s opposition party – some “mediator”! 

Old man Mugabe himself, who wanted to concede defeat back in April, is nothing more than a puppet in this stand-off.  Zanu-PF strongmen and the military, backed by China, are determined to keep control of Zimbabwe forever.  Just like the situation in Burma…  Once communists gain control, they never relinquish it. 


Author, Peter Davies was a soldier in Rhodesia from 1963 to 1975, where he took part in the capture and interrogation of terrorists.  His novel, Scatterlings of Africa, is based on his own experience during Rhodesia’s war on terror, and personal observations of how terrorist activities impacted Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and its people.  http://www.peterdaviesbooks.com 

Readers who would like to make a contribution to help innocent pensioners, who are unable to buy food and other basic necessities in Zimbabwe, should please contact Patricia Williams by email patashnix@btinternet.com.

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