My last post on the subject War against terror; Africa, Zimbabwe and the destruction of a nation’s people and their environment – 2, told how Zimbabwe is in the process of being destroyed by Marxist President Mugabe, who is being kept in power with the help of China (both financial and military).
It’s not just Zimbabwe that China is quietly “colonising” (see the BBC’s China to boost ties with Zambia – Partners or Colonisers?)  Yet on July 4, 2007 the BBC’s main evening TV news reported Zambian workers protesting at harsh treatment by Chinese employers.  This has been going on for a long time – especially in Zambian mines, where workers are suffering dangerous working conditions for slave wages – see also the BBC’s “Zambia miners see little reward” for the awful consequences of this for black mineworkers and their families.  Back in the 1960s, I worked in the once-prosperous Zambian Copperbelt region; there were no “slave wages” then, and mineworkers safety standards were among the best of the time.
Since being granted independence from Britain, “Zambia has moved from being a major copper producer and potentially one of the continent’s richest countries at independence in 1964 to one of the world’s poorest” (BBC News, Country Profile May 2007).  In the late 1960’s Zambia was the third largest copper miner in the World (after the USA and the Soviet Union).  Now China has taken over much of Zambia’s mining, and will ruthlessly exploit that country’s massive resources for the benefit of China’s rapidly-growing economy.

British Colonialism made the mistake of governing its colonies in Africa philanthropically.  There were no white ‘settlers’ in Zambia for the Pan-African Marxist political agitators to demonise.  (That’s also why Zambia (Northern Rhodesia) was backward in terms of development by comparison with (Southern) Rhodesia at the time.)  The British Administration fell over themselves to help make the transition from Colonial Rule to African rule work – investing large sums of British Taxpayer’s money to help the new African Government.  But most African Governments are Marxist-based and that’s why most African Governments fail.
But Britain and the rest of the West were directly responsible for allowing this to happen, with their cry for “democracy” in Africa – just like in the Middle East today.

And Communist China supported terrorism in Africa throughout the 1960s and 1970s, so that they could gain unfettered access to Africa’s riches.  Black Africans are now suffering the consequences of the West’s withdrawal from Africa; and the West will suffer too – one day soon.
Peter Davies was a territorial soldier in Rhodesia from 1963 to 1975.  Davies’ novel, Scatterlings of Africa, is based on his experience in the war, and personal observations of how terrorist activities impacted Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and its people.  See

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