PETA petitioned New York based amusement park operator, Six Flags Inc. to stop their planned Halloween promotion that offers customers a chance to skip lines to enter the park or get free admission if they will eat a live Madagascar hissing cockroach in an effort to break the world record. The record breaking attempt officially took place on Friday the 13th in Illinois and the person who broke the record received four season passes which come with VIP line skipping abilities. The current world record is held by an Englishman who ate 36 cockroaches in one minute back in 2001. In response to the complaints, Six Flags spokesman James Taylor said that the only complaints they have received about the promotion have been from people who couldn’t sign up to participate because of the limited availability of the promotion. Only 12 of Six Flags 30 North American parks will be participating. No word on if anyone was successful in their attempt.

Cockroach-eating contest bugs animal group (Reuters)

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